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    Though not a single casino in Massachusetts has opened, we’ve seen headline after headline—grand jury investigations, allegations of cronyism, conflicts of interest—and this is of the organization tasked with overseeing casinos.

    We know what’s coming. Crime will increase. Traffic will worsen. Problem gamblers will double or triple. Local aid will decrease. Local businesses will lay off workers.

    We cannot ignore the news. Casinos are laying off thousands around the country—in Atlantic City alone more than 8,000 workers will be laid off by the end of the year. Casinos are shuttering their doors, it’s an oversaturated market. The empty promises of casino backers have not panned out anywhere else.

    This fall, Massachusetts voters will hear a lot of promises. Thousands of good paying jobs. International travelers. Swelling state coffers. Promises we know the casinos will not keep.

    Casinos are wrong for Massachusetts. They’re bad for communities, bad for small business, bad for us. Together, we will vote yes to stop the casino mess.

  • FACTS: Massachusetts voters have not yet had the chance to cast their votes on whether they want casinos in our state. Thanks to a Supreme Judicial Court ruling fought for by the Repeal the Casino Deal campaign, voters will have the opportunity to cast a vote on the ballot referendum on Nov. 4. A handful of cities and towns have voted on whether or not to host casinos. Residents of surrounding cities and towns, often closely abutting proposed casinos have had no vote whatsoever.

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How Did We Get Here?

The casino industry has fought long and hard to extend its reach into states throughout the nation. We’ve compiled a short timeline of the industry’s efforts, and our recent successes. On November 4, we’ll be the first state in a generation to stand up to casino bosses, by voting Yes on Question 3.

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Timeline Final

Real Stories. Real Impacts.

Over the past few decades, the spread and proliferation of casinos around the country provide us a glimpse into what they would bring to Massachusetts. Our video section features short clips about the devastating impacts inflicted upon communities, and individuals, in the form of increased rates of addiction and crime. If casinos win, we all lose.

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  • Stacy Stevens: a family story

  • John Ribeiro on OTR


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Still more than two hours left if you haven't voted yet. It's a #YESon3MA to repeal #macasinos
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